There is a divided view in terms of Islam. This religion is known all around the earth and the reaction is opposite. There are those who said they respect it and others also say they do not like it. Why there are differences in their point view? Surely in the eyes of those who believe it and practice it, it is a good way to follow and worship God. There are many people also who converted to this religion and they said they had done it willfully.

The division is caused by the division also in the religion. They say there is two set of rules or writings that had been written by the prophet. One is the cruel one that is what those who make war against Christians are following and they say is imposing. They believe that they must follow the command to kill those who do not believe in the god they believe. They wage war and it affects even their brothers who are in the same faith with them.

Around the world, there are many conflicts due to this and war does not stop even at this time. But there is also the good side of the religion that promotes peace and they should also be harmonized with others. They do not promote war but they live in accordance with the words of Allah. They pray they fast, they keep the feasts hoping to also be blessed abundantly. The two faces should be understood by people so they would not judge immediately and partially.