The benefits of the Islam prayer to a person

How many time do you pray in a day? Many people make it a habit to pray before sleeping, when they wake up and when they are in a hard situation. Prayer is not a regular activity to others and they just do it when they really feel alone and encountering a problem in life. But for those who are devoted to their faith, as they say, they prayer regularly. When they eat together, when they visit someone with sickness, when someone is in trouble and many other occasions.

If you pray, what would be the content of your prayer? Sometimes it becomes just a normal thing for others to do it. They just pray for the sake of praying. But let us look into the prayer of Islam. There are the benefits that are illustrated when they pray. In Islam, there is appointed a time to pray every day and also other times like feasts or celebrating something. They even have to fast also in addition to praying. Here is the infographic.

You can see the four major benefits of the Islam prayer. You can also see in each category the specific benefits that are enumerated. There is the physical benefit that includes the improvement of the circulation of blood when the prayer is recited. In the side of emotional, it will let the person have respect towards Allah naturally. In the spiritual part, it is written that it can fill the gap that a person looking for. There is also a long list of the psychological benefits.