5 Famous Muslim Inventors You Might not Know

What is the role of an inventor? An inventor is simply defined as a gifted person who have the skill and talent to make or create things from the environment. There are famous inventors in history like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb and many other inventions. In this article, you will know about some famous Muslim inventors you might not know.

1. Ibn Al-Haitham. He is the one who first invented the pin-hole camera after discovering that light came through a hole in the window shutters.

In addition, he discovered that the smaller the hole, the better the pictures. He is also the first man to shift physics from philosophical activity to experimental one.

2. Jabir Ibn Hayyan. The inventor of distillation. The distillation is used as a means of separating liquids through differences in their boiling points. Also, he is the one who discovered Sulphuric and Nitric acid.

3. Al Jazari. He is the person who invented the crankshaft device. Also, he is the one who devised a combination lock. See this dental implant service that you needed. Click over this Asian site 植牙. More privileges will also be given to you.

4. Al-Zahrawi. Did you know that he developed more than 200 surgical equipment? He discovered cat gut for internal stiches which can be dissolved away naturally. You might wonder how he was able to discover it. Actually, the cat gut was discovered when his monkey ate his lute strings.

5. Mariam “Al-Astrolabiya”. The person who invented and designed as well as constructed astrolabes. Astrolabes were global positioning instruments that determine the position of the sun and the planets which are used in astronomy and astrology. Also used to tell time and for navigation. The evolution of technology upgrades  all the facilities in making a good dental service today page here 牙醫診所 時間.  This keeps on making a great impact in the fashion industry.