Controversy Among Religious Denominations

There is a controversy between and among religion and there is always a religious conflict anywhere. This happens especially among the Christians. Christianity is the only religion that have a total of more than 20 religious denominations and they have different doctrines from each other. This means that most Christians prove the fact that they have no idea what Christianity is. If they have understood what it is, they should have the same teachings and will. This makes it hard for some to hate the religion.

Too much controversy about religion can only be stopped if everyone is humble enough to follow the examples of Jesus Christ. Historians and the Bible testifies what happened long ago. If all people would think of following what is written in the Bible WITHOUT GIVING THEIR OWN OPINION, then people would know the truth. This is why when it comes to religion, we can say that Christianity is the most complicated one. Among other religions, their is no fighting because theirs are solid. Anti pests service for environment is here to serve you. You can open this site over here for more info. They serve your environment free from pests.

Well, it is not surprising that there are so many religions in Christianity because Jesus prophesied that there will be so many false prophets in the last days that would appear. This is a very surprising fact that is being fulfilled in this age. However, each denomination calls another a false church. It is a big problem of the churches. If each church calls another a false church and claim itself as the true church, where is real and genuine church? How to find this church?