The Differences Between Christianity and Islam

Christianity and Islam are far different from each other like the difference between the sky and the ground. Christianity is a religion that believes in Jesus as the only Savior and Islam beliefs in Allah. The teachings of Christianity doctrines are also far different from the teaching of Islam.

For example, in foods. There are so many forbidden foods in Islam such as blood, pork, beef, cow, egg etc while there is not much among Christians. Christians should not be eating blood and others.

Among Muslims, polygamy is accepted but Christians do not accept that. This is because Muslims follow what the ancient Israelite did. In Christianity, polygamy is a form of adultery which can never be accepted in the group. If someone commits this sin, he has to be expelled from the place of gatherings. Among Muslims, they can kill people for as long as they are revenging. However, Christians can not do that. They have to obey the commandments you shall not kill or murder otherwise they will be put to death in prison. More discoveries regarding digital processing of your services are here. Click this discover more so that you can find some of the new strategies proven effective to promote your services. It is the shortcut for a better future for your business.

Aside from this, it is against the law of the government to kill people. Christians have their own Bible such as The Bible while Muslims read Koran. Muslims kill their members who turn away from them especially when they are already ordained as a member of the council while Christians do not persecute nor kill Christians who turn away from them. Muslims have a symbolic garments which is called the Abaya while Christians have nothing.