The Bible’s Teachings vs. Quran’s Teachings

The Bible is a book that Christians read in order to know about the teachings of God. There are many teachings or lessons from the Bible. If Christians based their belief and faith in God from the Bible, what about the Muslims? As you know, there are different religions all over the world. For sure you have already heard about the religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam respectively. The Muslims base their traditions and belief from the Quran and they believe in Allah as their god.

The Teachings about Covering the Head

In the Bible, you can read about the regulation of veil that women must follow when worshiping or praying to God. Muslims also practice the teaching about covering the head based on the Quran. As mentioned in one of the articles in this website, the main purpose or reason why Muslim women cover their head is for their own protection.

Forgiveness and Repentance

The Bible teaches us that we have to forgive one another and repent of our sins. Muslims also believe and try to practice it as mentioned in the Quran. You drop over this agency guys. You can try this out 泰雅 to apply visa from this agency. This is nice and helpful.

The Teaching about Marriage

Based on the teachings of the Bible about marriage, the wife should submit to her husband and both the couple shall never commit adultery. In the Quran, Muslims are forbidden to have sexual relations outside of marriage. Also, having more than one wife is is allowed in Islam. But, this is a contradiction to the teachings of the Bible especially in the New Testament. Open this site of agency. They will guide and help you for your visa, check this site 證件照規定. This seems so good agency.