How To Convert

Converting to Islam is easy so many who want to do it also can do without much hardship. That is because it is not the process that is important and not the celebration but the true acceptance of the faith and the belief that is pure. You do not need any grandiose entrance or any other things.

The first step that you should do is to recite the sentence that says your faith to Allah and also the belief to the prophet that he sent which is Muhammad.

You are allowed to follow and recite the sentence even if alone and you are granted the privilege to become a Muslim. Now, there are other additions to it that it was already implied also when you have recited the sentence. One of them is that you should surely believe in the book that is the revelation of God. This is the last revelation from God because all previous given ones are corrupted by humans. That is why it is best to read the Quran. You should also have the belief that the coming of Judgment Day is true.

This is also called the day of resurrection. Is also true that you should believe in all the books that were part of the revelation of God and also in his prophets and angels. Another belief is that you should not worship anyone other than god. Lastly, accept the Islam religion as yours. When you have all of this, congratulations! You are now a Muslim.