Why Enter Islam?

There are many people who are a skeptic of this religion and they do not want to be able to enter into it. But why so many people are now converting to this religion? In this time, there are many people who are converting to Islam. Then why should you also consider joining Islam? What are the factors that made many people change their religion? Here are some of those reasons.

Islam is a religion that promotes a good relationship with the god. They believe we do not know what would happen.

When we have no idea of what could happen then we should seek the guidance of the one who knows it all and directs it all. This god is one alone and there is a clear understanding of him found in the scripture. He is the only god and no one would be equal to him. He does not have any parent or wives.

Islam regards the events that are happening even if they are bad or good as a test so they have a positive outlook.

They also believe that God is merciful and would forgive all of our sins. We have the hope to be able to receive the forgiveness of our sins if we remain faithful and trust in him. That the same god would also give punishment to those who deserve it.

Islam faith also promotes a balanced way of living as there are the required times of prayer. They are required at certain times and also there is fasting. There are more reasons that was found by many.